DCS Precident SystemPrecimill:

Machining center that mills almost anything. With the precision of CAM.

From 1 to 30 at one go.

The Precimill machining center offers everything you ever wanted from a dental milling system: Mill from one to thirty units, even using different materials, in one fully-automated operation. One further advantage: The high-purity material used for the milling process has been manufactured under ideal industrial conditions, thus preserving the excellent properties of the material, in fact exactly as required by the medical devices ordinance. And we haven't forgotten about cost effectiveness, which applies from just four units per day.

DCS Precimill
DCS Precimill

DCS Precimill

Everything under control.

The fully-automated tool changer currently provides 12 places. The tools are monitored, corrected, replaced and changed automatically. Additional automated operations include blank flipping, the documentation (MDO) of every operational step and system shutdown.

Powerful - without interruption.

Brief specifications of the Precimill machining center: 3 axes with high-precision linear guides and recirculating ball screw. Optical encoders with a resolution of 0.5um. High-frequency spindle with a max. speed of 60,000 rpm and an output of 1.6 kW. Standard electrical connection (230 V l~) to a domestic power outlet. Optional modem connection for remote servicing and transmission of data and program updates. Space-saving (W x L x H: approx. 75 x 105 x 155 cm). Mobile unit on wheels.