DCS Precident SystemPreciscan:

A global innovation, laser-measuring included.

The most cost-effective technique in the whole country.

You'll be amazed at just how accurately you can optically measure 14 separate stumps or whole bridge constructions in a single operation and then process the data. And, naturally, with identical quality and without recourse to an operator. Preciscan can process tight-fitting stumps, steep preparations, angles down to O' and scanning heights up to 35 mm.

DCS Preciscan
DCS Preciscan

As accurate as a Swiss watch.

The laser measures 300,000 points a minute at maximum resolution. It isn't even stopped by otherwise unmanageable dead angles in bridge constructions. The computer data for the precisely measured individual stumps are matched into the overall model, allowing you to reproduce a highly complex bridge situation seamlessly and without shadows. Preciscan takes in its stride the automatic detection and separation of the parting line with consistently high accuracy.

One system does it all.

Preciscan is fully automatic and can safely be left in continuous operation mode. It's also highly flexible, can be used on its own and is suitable for almost all prosthetic procedures. The models can be prepared conventionally, using traditional plasters - with the advantage that the models are neither altered nor damaged.

No mystery about it.

The clear menus of the DCS Dentform software, running under Windows NT, guide you step-by-step through the whole procedure. And naturally the software is regularly updated to keep pace with the latest technical developments. Upgrades can then be obtained in the shortest possible time by an online download.

None too small for Preciscan.

Preciscan can prove cost-effective for any size of business - even from just two units a day. And you already know about all its other advantages.

PRECISCAN*: Patent Pending