Progressive Prosthetics

Edward Attenborough
Edward Attenborough
Managing Director

Our first brochure under the title 'Progressive Prosthetics' was produced in January 1923. A glance through these pages and at the Company history will show just how progressive it has been.

For over 100 years we have been closely involved in every new idea, new method, and new process to the extent that our history reflects the history of dental prosthetics during that time.

Whilst a long history may give a wealth of experience and not a little satisfaction, progress is not made by looking back but by using that experience to recognise trends and prepare for change, adapting to the new and preserving the best of the old.

Recent years have seen impressive advances in dental technology, to keep abreast has required an unprecedented effort in training and retraining staff, yet the fathers and even grandfathers of some of our clients would immediately recognise in our present work the same high craft standards which have been passed on from one generation of our technicians to the next.

The principles to which we pledged ourselves in the first edition of this booklet remain the same - responsible and experienced advice to our customers, rigorous testing of all new processes and materials, individual care and scrupulous attention to detail. Our prices are extremely competitive, yet the quality is Attenborough's, and it always will be.

It is a formula that has found favour with many thousands of dental surgeons worldwide over a century, and continues to do so in the new millennium.

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