Megallium® (Cobalt Chromium)

A small sample of hundreds of thousands of castings produced since we first introduced Megallium® more than 60 years ago - each individually designed by master technicians. Megallium® is not only a first class nickel-free cobalt-chromium-molybdenum alloy continuously developed with the advance of metallurgical knowledge, it also implies experience and elegant restorations precisely produced under controlled conditions in our own laboratory.

The illustrations have been numbered in order that you may readily indicate in your prescription the particular style you require. Nearly all may be built up using Viscoform® preformed plastic patterns. Nos. 2 and 3 are made from stippled sheets S.016" and S.021". No. 10 shows the use of distal extension hinges for stress-breaking free-ended saddles. No. 13 is one of many types of sectional dentures.

Note: Megallium® products are only available to qualified dental practitioners.
Dental work may only be carried out by members of the dental profession.