Viscoform® Preformed Plastic Patterns


Packed to keep them dust free and undamaged, the Viscoform® plastic material has an 'elastic memory' which automatically smooths out fingerprints and causes any pattern accidentally distorted to revert to shape if left for a while before use. The material is stabilised to keep these properties for many years in any climate.


The design of each piece is ideal for strength and economy of bulk, and the ability of the material to flex over model contours without distortion of section maintains these essentials in the final casting. Viscoform® produces a neatness quite impossible to achieve freehand.


The patterns are now coloured red, blue, amber and green according to type. This helps rapid pattern identification and the new translucence of the material further aids accurate positioning to model outlines. Investment models should be prepared in the customary manner by dipping or spraying. To remove the Viscoform® from the card, cut connection, raise this end with a knife and then strip rapidly. Apply adhesive to the area of the model over which the pattern is to fit then position the finishing bead or occlusal rest and gently press down the remainder to the outline of the design on the model. With water based investments, including those for gold castings, investing may proceed in the normal manner after sprues have been attached.

Viscoform® Pattern Library