Specialist Services

Viscosa House is a well equipped centre of many skills and techniques where a wide variety of materials are handled. Whatever your requirement we are always pleased to assist in its solution.

We list below only a few examples of the many specialist services we undertake.

Mandibular Implants

Replacement Mandibles

A Megallium® sub-periosteal mandibular implant. Not difficult to make, but the long, thick super-structure for incorporation in the denture requires great precision.     One of the most difficult castings we have ever produced. A replacement of the entire horizontal body of the mandible in Megallium® using Viscoform® G.R.1 as the mesh pattern.

Intra-Ocular Magnetic Implants

A world first, developed in cooperation with opthalmic surgeons, and incorporating Al/Ni/Co magnets complementary to those in an artificial eye, thus transforming movement of the eviscerated globe to the prosthesis. The results are excellent and enucleation models have been developed.


Heart Valves

This experimental aortic heart valve frame of novel design is produced as a one-piece casting in Megallium®.