Precision Attachments

A patient removable saddle held on a Dalla Bona T-beam resilient hinge having spring lamellae snap action over a ball anchor. 14, 12 are faced crowns with a machined dovetail mesially. Gold posts and diaphragms at 11, 23 with an Hruska screw block 11 and Gmur split ring friction attachment 23, retaining an anterior segment, dentist removable in the event of abutment failure. 24, 25 are faced crowns connected to 23 with a McCollum Split T patrix. The left saddle is removable via Pini Romagnoli screw hinge box.


Of the many different attachments available today the choice of the most suitable is often difficult because they are designed for various functions or specific situations. We are always pleased to submit designs and estimates on receipt of study models.

Conventional Notation used throughout. Review Crown and Bridgework and application techniques.

Note: Bridgework products are only available to qualified dental practitioners.
Dental work may only be carried out by members of the dental profession.