Vita Omega Metal Ceramics


The Vita Omega Metal Ceramic system creates outstanding results with respect to aesthetics, reliability and strength, using opaque, opaceous dentine, dentine and enamel porcelains.

The newly developed Omega 900 has a considerably more homogeneous distribution of glass, sinter and crystal phase in its structure compared with previous dental ceramics.
The acid resistance to a 4% solution of acetic acid (ISO 6872) is markedly better than that of other clinically proven systems
The flexural strength of the Omega 900
dentine and enamel is approximately 25% higher than that of traditional
metal-ceramic systems.

Shading begins at the substructure.In this example the coping is first coated with bonding gold. The complete, homogeneous cover provided by the OPAQUE forms the basis for creating the in-depth shade effect.
The use of LUMINARIES in conjunction with OPAQUE creates ideal conditions for aesthetically superior restorations.
Translucency plus luminescence.....
This is the effect created by LUMINARIES for optimal light transmission in the cervical area.
The LUMINARIES provide excellent control of the brightness, i.e. they allow you to vary the hue, value and chroma of the shades.
LUMINARIES have a high degree of luminescence.
The colour value can be individually controlled by the precise application of OPAQUE DENTINE to certain areas.
LUMINARIES serve to intensify the light transmission in the natural surroundings (gingiva).
DENTINES are used to control the contrast. Applying darker and lighter dentines to the marginal ridges offers various styling possibilities.
The actual tooth colour comes from the centre of the tooth.
To individually control the translucency of the restoration,
enamel, transparent and translucent porcelains are applied within the incisal area.
Lifelike reproductions of individual characterisations
as observed in natural teeth can be created using the NUANCE porcelains.
NUANCE porcelains are applied by precise "wash-in" procedures. this achieves the desired in-depth effect in the incisal and dentine areas and applied to the central area from the palatal side. The crown is completed on the palatal side with dentine and enamel.
Result after first firing.
The play of light in a natural tooth
between transparency, translucency and opalescence.
The final shaping of the tooth is created by the application of various translucent porcelains.
By using different translucent porcelains, light reflection very close to nature is achieved.
The result: A perfect restoration with Vita Omega 900 Metal Ceramic

Note: Vita Omega products are only available to qualified dental practitioners.
Dental work may only be carried out by members of the dental profession.