DCS Precident SystemThe Precident System

More accurate. More versatile. And more cost-effective.

The no-touch principle

Considerable pressure on costs and profits is a fact of present-day economic life. Not even dentistry can escape. That's why it's important to use the most cost-effective and leading-edge techniques. So we're delighted to be able to present the (CE-compliant) Precident System. A system combining all the advantages of computer-aided processing, regardless of the material and with hitherto unmatched precision. The underlying concept is based on contact-free measurement and milling - two CAD/CAM operations for which we have developed the ideal units:

Pays for itself

Preciscan can aslo be used on its own: as a data capture unit linked to a decentralised milling centre, the system offers a future-proofed basis for your business thanks to the on-going development of the software. Particularly since the work is conducted in your country and all millable materials can be handled. So you don't have to puchase several different processing systems and your investment in Preciscan pays for itself in double-quick time. We'd be only too pleased to show you in person just how this all adds up.

DCS - Solutions for the future

With the quality of DCS

Since DCS was founded in 1988 we have been committed to teamwork and continuity of development, production and customer support, including a 48-hour service guarantee. To ensure that our customers remain one step ahead in the technical stakes, we collaborate closely with various universities. In our DCS quality circle we also encourage the valuable exchange of experience-exclusively for DCS customers.

Naturally we don't simply talk about quality and innovation. These are fully documented. For example, through ISO 9001 and EN 46001 certification. Or through the innovation prize awarded for our CAD/CAM system by the <> forum.