My Lab - Your Secure Online Account


We are the first UK lab, and probably the first in the World, to launch a live on-line case management system. Dentists can now log on to our website and watch the progress of their patient's cases through our labs. Information is updated in real-time by our technicians logging production data on touch screens throughout our labs. The following facilities are now available:

Add special instructions to your account for the processing of your patientís cases
Check your account balance and print out statements
Track the progress of your patientís cases through our labs, and by clicking on a specific case view in real-time it's progress to completion and despatch with our tracking progress bar.
Confirm the expected despatch date of your patientís cases from our labs
Search for specific cases
View a history of all cases we have completed for you, ordering by any selected field.
Print out our Labsheets and National and International Freepost labels direct from our website rather than requesting us to forward them to you

As we develop this system you will be able to:

Book cases in advance (time reserve) into our labs
Fill out lab prescriptions on-line and send them direct to us electronically, attaching any digital media you choose (pictures, x-rays etc)

All of these services are offered free of charge through an industry standard encrypted session on your normal internet browser, to which you may only have access after logging on to using your secure account credentials. To apply for an on-line account please Register with us

How does it work?

When a case is received, a record is created in our case database. The 'status' of this record is then regularly updated as the case is prepared, manufactured and shipped.

There are workstations strategically positioned around the laboratories on which our technicians log on to confirm the completion of their stage in the overall manufacturing process. We have employed the latest 'touch-screen' technology to make this as easy as possible, taking very little time away from carrying out the traditional processes. As we build up the database of cases, we constantly monitor the time it takes to complete each stage of every case, iteratively refining our process times.

The online visibility of case's status is provided by allowing each customer with secure, password-protected access to all the current cases under their unique client identification number. As we monitor the average time taken for each individual process, we give an accurate estimate of the expected completion date.

This system assists us in monitoring and refining our processes and provides you with visibility of your case's progress.