Megallium® (Cobalt Chromium)

Application Techniques

Hydrocolloid impressions, not cast immediately in a good artificial stone, which have the appearance of being perfect, are the primary cause of disappointment due to non-fitting metal bases in the mouth. We undertake to make your Megallium® base fit accurately to your model without rubbing.

Skeletal dentures rely almost entirely for their security and comfort in the mouth on well designed clasps and rests of ample proportions to prevent sinking. Where the bite is too close to allow for clasps and rests, suitable teeth should be prepared. Always send upper and lower model and bite registration for partial cases.

Always have teeth requiring backings set up, tried in, and overcast before the plate is made. This is the only way we can accurately position your backings.

Anterior teeth to be fitted to the natural gum should also be mounted and sent to us with an overcast to ensure that tags and bead are correctly positioned.

The addition of teeth to metal frames requires particular care to avoid distortion of the base and raised bites. When you entrust the completion of your Megallium® denture to us your models are filed for two years and are available for additions during this period. Models will be returned upon request and postage charged.

Note: The above procedures are suggested techniques only. No liability will be accepted on the part of C. & L.E. Attenborough Ltd. for resulting loss or damage.

Acetal Resin (Dental D ®) Clasps

Eliminate unsightly metal clasps on partial chrome cobalt or acrylic dentures. With high elastic memory these clasps are flexible throughout giving positive retention into the undercut and high abrasive resistance. Acetal resin clasps are also non-allergic, non-toxic, and available in gum, pink and dentine shades. Other acetal resin products available include space maintainers, temporary bridges, hinged labial flanged retained dentures, and side plates.

Note: Megallium® products are only available to qualified dental practitioners.
Dental work may only be carried out by members of the dental profession.