Viscoform® Preformed Plastic Patterns (7 - 12)

7. ViscoformŽ L.B.1

Lingual bars with saddle retention, used with C.C.1/2. Coloured red.

8. Viscoform® P.B.2

Large saddles with palatal bars. Coloured red.

9. Viscoform® L.B.3

Lingual bars for use with free end saddles. Coloured red.


10. ViscoformŽ L.R.1

Loop retention for full upper cases complete with finishing bead. Coloured green.

11. Viscoform® A.C.2

Assorted clasps in graduated sizes with rests. Coloured blue.

12. Viscoform® L.B.2

Strong lingual bars, useful for gold work. Coloured blue.