State of the art sports protection for teeth

Given an impression of the patient's teeth, Attenborough Dental can create a professional, highly protective and stylish looking mouthguard. We use the best plastics from suppliers Rainbow and EM Natt. They offer some fantastic colours in medical and food grade materials that comply with all the necessary European regulations.

You can have up to 5 or 6 of the 13 wild colours below within each mouthguard. You can create your own style or even use sports team colours, perhaps in stripes, like the samples below. In addition there are a range of patterns that you can choose from.

Mouthguards are created in different thicknesses of plastics depending on the patient and the sports they play. 'Light' mouthguards are ideal for children with milk teeth while 'medium', 'heavy' and 'heavy-pro' are designed to withstand increasing impact from the sport of choice.

Each mouthguard comes with a container and care instructions.

Contact your local Attenborough Dental agent for further details.

Wild Colours

Glass Clear

Bright White

Monster SlimeyGreen

Turtle Green

Blobby Yellow

Deep Sea Blue

Shocking Pink

Menacing Red


Tangerine Orange

Ecstatic Purple

Midnight Blue

Gruesome Black


New Colours

Urban Camouflage

Squashed Zebra



Firework Fever

Multicolour Madness


Aurora Lights