Crown & Bridgework

Showing full crowns having bonded porcelain facings supporting two Trupontic units. Also a simple porcelain pin tooth faced lateral pontic based on a 3/4 crown at 23 having a rest into the slot of a distal dovetail inlay at 21.

A gold core on a spring cantilever arm from 3/4 crowns at 24, 25 replacing 22 by means of a porcelain jacket. 11, 12 are V.M.K. pontics based on a bonded crown 21 with cast post and core and a 3/4 crown at 13.
A gold coping bridge with thimbles on 11, 23 with gold cores at 21, 22 each surmounted by porcelain jackets. Practicable when considerable reduction of the abutments is possible.

When there has been considerable alveolar resorption, fixed-fixed bridges are neither aesthetic nor hygienic. Here bonded crowns on 44,43: 33,34 are conjoined with a small removable prosthesis.

Routine vacuum investing and induction melting ensure smooth, accurate and strong castings.

Conventional Notation used throughout.

Review Precision Attachments and application techniques.

Note: Bridgework products are only available to qualified dental practitioners.
Dental work may only be carried out by members of the dental profession.