Denar Mark II Articulator

The Denar Mark II articulator enables models to be accurately mounted on an instrument that is mechanically programmed to simulate the patient's mandibular movements.

This popular, semi-adjustable articulator was introduced in1975 and is now well-proven worldwide. Supplied in anodised aluminum alloy finish, the Denar Mark II offers the following features:

  • Positive centric latch
  • Curved and calibrated incisal pin
  • Semi-adjustable
  • Interchangeability of model casts (without re-mounting)
  • Arcon design
  • Sits in a level position when inverted for lower model mounting

Each articulator comes with 2 metal and 10 plastic mounting plates, a flat plastic incisal table, a curved/calibrated incisal pin, instruction manual, adjusting wrench, and carrying case.

Several different incisal tables are also available. These are interchangeable and the plastic types can be used for custom guidance/anterior guidance table use.
Adjustable Incisal Table 1. Mechanical/Adjustable Incisal Table
Dimple Plastic Incisal Table 2. Dimple Plastic Incisal Table
Flat Custom Incisal Table 3. Flat Custom Incisal Table
Raised Step Incisal Table 4. Raised Step Incisal Table

Note: Denar products are only available to qualified dental practitioners.
Dental work may only be carried out by members of the dental profession.