Vita Alpha Porcelain System


The Vita Alpha Porcelain System is a completely new development based on studies of natural tooth reflection and absorption characteristics under widely differing light conditions.

Fig 1. Vita Alpha Porcelain
Comparison of an opalescent fit of Vita Alpha Porcelain to the sectional view of a natural tooth.

Fig 2. Natural tooth

Before With Vita Alpha Porcelain

By guiding light into the substructure, dental technicians are able to utilise the kaleidoscopic effects of natural teeth under varying light conditions
The Vita In-Ceram substructure allows the incoming light to fall evenly on the whole tooth, from crown to root, intensifying its natural luminescence and vitality.
Under the most diverse light conditions, Vita Alpha Porcelain replicas display optical characteristics closely resembling those of natural teeth.Possessing a natural opalescence, they reveal the warm orange glow of a natural tooth in trans-illumination and the clear, radiant blue of a natural tooth in reflected light

A common feature of natural teeth are the yellow-brown discolourations in the dentine and neck areas. These are complimented by a pink effect found in young teeth. Such phenomena form the basis for the newly developed DENTINE MODIFIERS, allowing exact characterisations in these areas.

Dentine Modifiers used in the reproduction of incisal and occlusal areas

For the approximal area Dentine Modifiers are implemented for colour harmony

Dentine Modifiers offer additional colour accentuation in the design and construction of substructures, and a broad spectrum for supporting individual colour creation when constructing molars,

Vita Alpha Porcelain System

Note: Vita Alpha products are only available to qualified dental practitioners.
Dental work may only be carried out by members of the dental profession.