Because quality has always been our first consideration we offer a very high standard of workmanship in which you and ourselves can take pride whether the work is destined for Private or Health Service purposes.

The basic plastic denture is supplied at a highly competitive price using one of our through services which enable us to pass on to you the savings achievable by balancing the various stages of production. These dentures are craft mounted, accurately waxed, completed by slow curing and finished to Attenborough's standards without loss of tooth detail and with a smooth, high gloss finish.

For patients who require more than the basic plastic denture, there are available clear palates, metal bases or swaged metal palatal and lingual veneers, contouring, stippling, colour toning, veining and anatomical articulation.

Though requiring a high degree of skill and artistry, we adopt a naturalistic anatomical approach to contouring and stippling, which is particularly important when the patient has a high 'smile' line.
Reinforced fenestrated clear plastic denture. The mesh and finishing are gold plated.


Preservation of the peripheral seal is essential. Metal palates must not lift during processing and we carefully reproduce the borders of your muscle trimmed impressions.
The completion of skeletal bases with plastic demands special care to avoid distortion of the metal framework. We carry out all such work to surveyed duplicate models and check on the originals before despatch to save surgery fitting time.


A useful auxilliary for incorporation in full upper dentures, especially of the palateless horseshoe shape, when retention problems are affecting the patient's confidence.


Pressure thermo-forming is best employed for oral screens, mouthguards and gum shields, using permanently soft, tear resistant plastic sheets. This technique is also useful for orhtodontic positioners to carry out fine correction of tooth positions during retention.

Note: Plastic products are only available to qualified dental practitioners.
Dental work may only be carried out by members of the dental profession.